IWBI’s Enterprise Provider page discusses how ASAP’s work with T-Mobile supports their WELL at Scale goals

Buildings and neighborhoods are platforms to protect and enhance our environment, achieve economic prosperity, and ensure equity, health and well-being for all. The focus of the San Diego Green Building Conference and Expo is to showcase how the built environment can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. Our mission has always been to inspire, educate and collaborate within our community and we know San Diego is actively contributing to creating a more resilient and sustainable world.

The climate change is affecting us here and now; wildfires, eroding coastlines, catastrophic weather patterns and alarming rates in the rise of CO2 levels and we recognize that our built environment has a large footprint, impacting not only the surrounding environments and communities but the occupants within. As the premier institution for green building resources and education in San Diego, we see an opportunity to bring our community together to inspire real action and ensure positive impact for generations to come.

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