As a boutique sized firm, ASAP holds a unique position in the market due to being a premier leader in sustainability and wellness consulting. Our deep technical knowledge and expertise in the LEED and WELL rating systems enables us to compete with companies that are operationally larger, but that may lack the extraordinarily high-touch customer service that ASAP consistently provides.


Suite of Services

WELL Health-Safety Rating | COVID-19 Response

Our Experts provide the best practices backed by research, along with actions you can take or ratings you can pursue, as your organization explores re-entry during and post COVID-19.

Informed by the WELL Building Standard and more than 600 global experts from the Task Force on COVID-19, the WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management helps buildings and organizations address the health, safety and well-being of their most valuable asset—people. ASAP had three of our Team members on the Task Force on COVID-19 and had already submitted more than 50 projects for Health-Safety Ratings by the end of 2020. 

Sustainable | Healthy Spaces

Want to take small steps but not ready for certification? ASAP provides customized services to optimize your approach to sustainability and/or health & wellness.


ASAP provides customized and integrated Sustainability and Wellness benchmarking for Projects and Portfolios, as well as numerous other certifications and reporting.

WELL Certification

ASAP is the global go to Consultancy for unparalleled expertise in the implementation of the WELL Health-Safety Rating, WELL Building Standard, and WELL Portfolio.

LEED Certification

With three LEED Fellows & Faculty, the ASAP Team has extensive unmatched global experience with all LEED Rating Systems and has contributed to LEED’s evolution.

Portfolio | Volume

ASAP is a world leader in the global implementation of Portfolio and Volume programs for WELL, LEED and general health and sustainability standards/strategies.

Education | Training

ASAP’s 3 LEED Fellows & LEED/WELL Faculty provide CEUs; training on how to implement LEED/Volume, WELL/Portfolio; or might be that speaker you’re looking for.


  • Our clients feel confident that the benefit of achieving LEED|Volume and/or WELL|Portfolio will result in tangible ROI.
  • We enable our clients’ ability to enhance and drive deeper brand loyalty.
  • We offer high-touch client experience through the entire life-cycle of a project from conceptual design to implementation.
  • We provide the highest quality education and training available for WELL Portfolio and LEED Volume execution.


  • HEART: We put our hearts into what we do, and we are committed to helping you be successful, as such, we are willing to roll-up-our sleeves and work alongside them the whole way through the process. We are professional but not formal. We lead with emotion when it is relevant and it almost always is because what we are striving to do is important.
  • KNOWLEDGE: We strive to be deep listeners and because we are a team of highly experienced professionals and experts in our field, we strive to transfer knowledge in a humble and service-oriented way. We want to meet you where you are.
  • COLLABORATION: We are collaborative and believe in the power of co-creating the future together. We are always curious and willing to learn from you in order to best serve you.
  • COMMUNICATION: We will be honest and unafraid to tell it like it is based on our experience. We believe that knowledge is power and with it, we can transform the world.