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ASAP understands that healthy, sustainable and equitable environments extend beyond just the “4 walls” of individual buildings. As such, ASAP’s work extends to Campuses, Communities, EcoDistricts, Cities and national/multinational real estate portfolios. The ASAP team has built enterprise-wide sustainability and wellness programs for primary and secondary education, as well as working with university campuses. ASAP has also worked with city agencies to explore implementation of sustainability and wellness throughout their various departments, assets and communities.

ASAP has built customized sustainability and wellness programs for multiple entities with national and global real estate portfolios including Starbucks, LYFE Kitchen, Kilroy Realty, T-Mobile and more. The ASAP team has utilized our unique skills to provide sustainability/wellness benchmarking, sustainable design and construction standards, LEED Volume, and WELL Portfolio solutions at unprecedented scales. ASAP’s ability to impact the performance of campuses, cities and portfolios goes well beyond technical guidance. It more importantly extends to the engagement of departments and individuals to affect the everlasting transformation required to implement aggressive and impactful goals.

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