Sustainable | Healthy Spaces

Sustainable and/or
Healthy Spaces

Want to take small steps, but not ready for certification? ASAP provides an array of services that can help you assess the best approach to sustainability and/or health & wellness on your project or for your Portfolio; including, but not limited to:

  • Holistic analysis of sustainability and health & wellness opportunities for enterprise level CSR goals and individual projects
  • Specifications and Standards Consulting
  • Waste Audits
  • Early design phase energy modeling to assist Engineers and Architects in making informed design decisions
  • Energy modeling for compliance with local energy codes and/or LEED
  • Daylight modeling
  • Arc
  • Wellness programming and education
  • Product, technology and material selection

ASAP offers a full spectrum of integrated Sustainability consulting services. Perhaps you aren’t looking for a certification and you just need sustainable solutions for your project. Or maybe you are an innovator looking to design a Net Zero or Net Positive Energy and/or Water project and achieve a Living Building Challenge petal. ASAP provides customized Sustainable and Regenerative Design & Construction Consulting services for these projects and more, including Campuses, Communities, EcoDistricts and Portfolios. ASAP believes that sustainability encompasses more than just the built environment. Our services include regenerative and net zero/positive design consulting; resiliency planning and assessment; well-being for the building occupants, behavioral and change management, and more.

The ASAP Team has experience creating customized sustainability and wellness tools for large global Corporations. Whether you are looking to take baby steps or hit the ground running, ASAP works with our Clients to find solutions for each Client’s personalized needs. We are also more than happy to work with our Client’s internal teams supporting them and teaching them so that they can bring the work in-house when, and if, they choose to in the future.