2100 Kettner

WELL Platinum

As our shared environments continue to evolve, Kilroy is actively ensuring the safety of our tenants and surrounding communities, going above and beyond to create functional and healthy spaces. Our plans include people-first solutions that support the needs of tomorrow, and our commitment to cultivating healthy and prosperous communities continues to be a catalyst for architectural innovation. At 2100 Kettner, some of these operational and design initiatives include: 

SIZE: 225,000 SF


MARKET SECTOR: Commercial Office, Mixed Use


  • Activated open stairwells to reduce elevator congestion
  • Outdoor terraces and roof deck create opportunities to collaborate while maintaining social distance
  • Touchless entry reduces surface-to-person transmission
  • Flexible floor plates allow for distanced and collaborative layouts
  • Indoor/outdoor lobby reduces opportunities for congestion
  • Low iron glass used throughout the project provides higher transparency while maintaining energy efficiency
  • Providing 30% more outside air than recommended by ASHRAE (code) to reduce airborne transmission
  • Building maintained high levels of indoor air quality protection throughout construction, and specified low-emitting materials
  • Receiving the highest level of third-party pandemic preparedness review with Underwriter’s Laboratory, which will verify that all recommended CDC and WHO measures have been successfully implemented, including onsite air/water/germ testing prior to occupancy

For more information visit: https://www.2100kettner.com/

Project Photos

Photos courtesy of Kilroy