Citadel Environmental Inc.

LEED Platinum

Citadel Environmental Services, Inc. is the remodel of an 8,000 sq. ft. 1973 building to become Citadel’s LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy Corporate Offices. Citadel’s remodel project is a case study proving that sustainable remodels can be accomplished at the budget of a “traditional” (i.e., non-green) remodel–with the right team in place and a keen understanding of all the potential green building incentives, both nationally and locally.

The team worked closely to accomplish a long list of green-building improvements.

SIZE: 8,000 SF 

SUSTAINABILITY: LEED Platinum, Net Zero Energy, Human Focus

MARKET SECTOR: Commercial Office

LOCATION: Glendale, CA

Highlights include:

  • Maximum use of natural light: skylights installed, primary dependence on daylight vs. lights, and every seat in office has access to outside view
  • New energy efficient double-paned exterior windows and storefronts;
  • New packaged air handling systems (SER-14 units), which are 37% more efficient
  • New water-efficient interior plumbing and bathroom fixtures reduce usage by 62%
  • Green Seal certified furniture systems (contains high amount of recycled content)
  • 120 solar panels provide 45,000 khw per year, enough to power the entire building (Citadel and tenant), and net meter additional energy back to the City of Glendale;
  • Native, drought-tolerant landscaping with temporary drip irrigation system;
  • New energy-efficient lighting design requires 38.5% less power aesthetic; and
  • Focus on a 500-mile radius for sourcing over 20% of its materials.
  • Citadel even managed to salvage a historic mural of the Three Stooges that existed from the prior building tenant, the licensing arm of that well-known comedy team. It now resides as a wall in the kitchen/break room.

In addition to a LEED® Platinum certified workplace, Citadel integrates sustainability and well-being principles and practices across many facets of the daily operation for their employees: reducing paper consumption and utilizing electronic communications, purchasing and utilizing “green” products, placing recycling stations in offices, offering telecommuting as an option for employees, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, encouraging use of mass transit as well as fuel efficient and alternative energy vehicles, making use of teleconferencing and video-conferencing to reduce travel, choosing vendors that support the company’s sustainability goals, and maintaining an interactive intranet site to share sustainability information, news and best practices.


Citadel Environmental Services Inc.’s LEED® Platinum certification is a prime example that sustainability is scalable and makes sound economic sense.

Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council


  • The first LEED® CI project to receive Platinum certification in the Tri-City area of Glendale, Pasadena & Burbank; 1 of 10 in the state of California; and 1 of 89 in the country.
  • The second LEED® project to receive Platinum certification in the Tri-City area of Glendale, Pasadena & Burbank, second only to Shangri-La Construction’s Hangar 25 in Burbank, CA; and 1 of 60 in California.
  • One of 6188 certified projects in the country as of certification.
  • Citadel Environmental Services, Inc., also has received the Climate Leader Award from on May 3rd, for being proactive in reducing their climate impacts. CoolCalifornia recognizes small business owners in California who have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), incorporated climate-friendly activities, and used the tools at
  • Ranked by the LA Business Journal as a “Best Place to Work” in 2013, 2014, 2016-2018

Project Photos