Hangar 25

LEED Platinum & Net Positive

Located at Bob Hope International Airport in Burbank, CA, Hangar 25 is the world’s first LEED® Platinum certified aviation facility and one of the first Net Zero Energy and Net Positive Energy projects in the country. Hangar 25 is the culmination of an integrated design-build process yielding an unparalleled application of green building in a previously uncharted sector. Motivated by the desire to offset carbon emissions from the facility’s aircraft by using renewable solar energy to power the building and its ground operations, Hangar 25 challenges the industry’s typically carbon-heavy reputation and makes impressive strides in improving the environmental realities of operating aircraft.

SIZE: 63,653 SF

SUSTAINABILITY: LEED Platinum, Net Zero Energy, Net Positive Energy, Human Focus

MARKET SECTOR: Aviation, Commercial Office


The approximately 50,630 square feet of hangar space, the 9,000 square feet of office space and 12,610 square feet of landscape were constructed to house private aircraft ranging in size from the smallest of corporate jets to those as large as a Boeing Business Jet 757-200 as well as their maintenance crews and staff. Each of the four individual flight departments tenant spaces include an office area, kitchen, rest area and pilot and DOM offices.

Sustainable features include 1,530 solar panels, floor to ceiling glazing, Big Ass Fans, efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures, sustainable landscaping, diamond polished flooring and more to decrease building energy use by more than 110% and water consumption by 60%. This will reduce and stabilize long-term operating costs and provide a healthy environment for its occupants as well. In addition, Hangar 25 achieved 14 of 15 LEED Indoor Environmental Quality points to show commitment to human health and well-being. The Hangar’s white roof housed enough solar to produce 110-120% of the building’s operational & process load needs, while selling excess energy back to the grid. Numerous evaporative coolers were placed between the rows of skylights on the roof. The building was the first commercial building in the United States to install a non-toxic, environmentally friendly Marioff Hi-Fog fire suppression system.

People may ask, ‘How could the USGBC give its highest rating to an airport facility for private aircraft? Isn’t that oxymoronic when you’re thinking of climate change and the opportunities in front of us?’ And I have to tell you that we are so proud to award the LEED Platinum plaque to this facility. This facility is one of the most astounding applications of technology, human intellect, and inspiration, that has come together in a very long time. This is a facility for private aircraft, but the lessons we learn from this are far-reaching. I guarantee that people from all around the world are looking and they are going to want to know all about this and what makes Hangar 25 different.

Rick Fedrizzi, President and Founding Chairman, U.S. Green Building Council


  • Airports Council International (ACI-NA) Environmental Achievement Award, 2009

Project Photos

Photos courtesy of Shangri-la Construction