Elliot Reinfeld

Elliot Reinfeld
Senior Team Leader

Elliot Reinfeld, LEED AP (BD+C, ND) is a green building consultant with 10 years of experience in the field of sustainability. Elliot founded A Green Plan, Inc., an eco-friendly supply company, which promotes recyclable, environment-friendly, and compostable products. His work encourages schools, non-profits, and other businesses to rethink the products they use in the workplace. Along with educating others in the use of sustainable products, he also presents many workshops to educators, students, and entrepreneurs on the benefits of saving the earth by rethinking how we build and use our resources.

As a LEED consultant, Elliot has worked on extensive LEED projects in the various LEED rating systems. One of Elliot’s most renowned projects is PUNChouse 234 in Santa Monica, CA; a state-of-the-art Net Zero home that earned a LEED Platinum Homes certification. Projects highlights included high efficiency systems and fixtures throughout the house. The project has been awarded for attributes including deconstruction and 100% waste diversion of that existing structure.

Elliot is a founding steering committee member of the San Fernando Valley Branch of the USGBC-LA Chapter and currently serves as its Treasurer. He participates in both national and local conferences, which enables him to enhance his practice and bring the most current information to his clients. Elliot is always searching for innovative and cost-effective ways to share sustainable solutions.

Elliot received his Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. His views on sustainability were formed at an early age. Elliot’s views on sustainability are based on the idea of keeping nature in balance. There are reasons for the trees, there are reasons for the sun, and there are reasons for all things occurring in nature. He believes that it is his job to impart that information to others in order to preserve nature’s balance.

Elliot’s volunteer work includes supporting many different organizations. He is active in the Jewish community and believes strongly in organizations that promote the welfare of children. He recently finished a project at the local public school where he led others in creating an edible garden for the students.