Lenah Lankhaar

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Lenah Lankhaar
Project Manager

Lenah Lankhaar started as a paid intern with ASAP and was quickly promoted to Junior Project Manager. Lenah is currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix, earning a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and a capstone in Project Management in November 2020. Lenah has a background in Chemistry and participated in the STEM program while attending community college for two years at Central Arizona College. Lenah also wrote for the college Newspaper while attending Central Arizona College. After two years there, Lenah spent a semester studying Chemistry in Manchester, England at Manchester Metropolitan University. She started a radio show at the University and furthered her studies in Chemistry. Lenah is currently studying for her WELL AP credential.

While in High School, Lenah was an intern at Friends of Ballona Wetlands where she maintained trails and created habitats to support and sustain native plants and animals. She also worked on a sustainability project that involved installing crosswalks in Downtown Phoenix around her High School to improve the walkability for students and within the community in general. Lenah and her classmate worked closely with stakeholders in the Roosevelt Row neighborhood as well as City Planners in Downtown Phoenix. Lenah and her classmate were able to present their ideas for improving walkability to the Neighborhood Council and improve the safety of their High School students, staff and community members.

In August of 2019, Lenah attended the Pre-Conference Mentorship program at the 10th Annual Women In Green Forum in Los Angeles, CA. As part of the Mentorship program, Lenah was paired with ASAP’s President & CEO, Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic. Jennifer was impressed with Lenah’s passion, knowledge, drive and persistence and agreed to hire Lenah as a paid intern at ASAP. In a short period of time, Lenah has helped the ASAP team document some of the hardest LEED and WELL credits and features. She has helped ASAP set up documentation, structures and streamlining of LEED and WELL documentation. Lenah has worked on some of the world’s most innovative LEED and WELL projects in the world and has been an invaluable member to the ASAP team. Naturally, Lenah was promoted to Junior Project Manager and continues to take on more roles and responsibilities with ASAP.