Alisha Scott

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Alisha Scott
Project Manager

Alisha Scott (WELL AP) is a graduate from Brigham Young University, where she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science – BASc, Nutrition Sciences. From an early age, Alisha took a personal interest in sustainability and well-being. After pursuing her BASc in Nutrition Sciences, Alisha became professionally certified as a Nutritionist.

This led Alisha to branch out in the sustainability and wellness industry with her work at a local nonprofit, Building Energy Exchange. Building Energy Exchange advances building energy performance by mobilizing the professional expertise, funding, and technical resources the real estate industry needs to address affordability, improve the health and comfort of residents, and position St. Louis as a resilient and carbon neutral region.

Alisha currently resides in Missouri where she is a Project Manager for ASAP. Alisha has worked on hundreds of WELL Health-Safety Ratings, Equity Ratings, WELL Certifications, WELL at Scale, WELL Communities and the WELL for Residential Pilot during her tenure with ASAP. Alisha has also supported ASAP’s LEED projects and documentation around materials.

Alisha is married with three small children and a (large) puppy. She loves spending her free time outside landscaping, gardening, traveling, reading, and, of course, eating good nutritious food.