Michelle Lockert

Michelle Lockert
Project Manager & Materials Specialist

Michelle Lockert joined the ASAP team in 2017 at first as a Nutrition partner and later as a Project Manager. Drawing on nearly 30 years of professional experience, Michelle has accomplished creating and owning numerous business entities and being responsible for manufacturing, packaging, quality control, marketing, and sales. Michelle’s skills range from interior design, to manufacturing, product design, Specs and Standards, to Project Management.

Michelle’s early education involved the study of Fashion Design at The American Intercontinental University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. The fashion design culture eventually led her to many design disciplines, including set design, furniture design and ultimately interior design—where she completed the Post- Baccalaureate Interior Design Program at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)—Extension further inspiring her interest in sustainable design and healthy living.

Early on and throughout her life, Michelle has had a love for healing herbs which cultivated an affinity for alternative approaches to health and wellness. In 2006, Michelle received training as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), in New York City. She followed this with becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2010.

While working in the design world, Michelle noticed the huge amount of waste as well as synthetic materials that were counterproductive to natural living and were a disservice to the planet. Striving to combine her holistic philosophies with quality designed products, Michelle created Holhaus; which initially served as an online marketplace platform for eco-friendly products for your home, body, and lifestyle. Overtime, Holhaus would evolve into strictly interior design and feng shui services, creating holistic, sustainable environments that are healthy in spirit, mind, and body for residential and commercial projects alike. The Holhaus umbrella is home to Conscious Fuel, a healthy snack vending service and micro-market provider. Michelle is proud to be a female and black-owned local business. She embodies a spirit of warmth and hard work with a relatable demeanor. 

Michelle is a WELL AP and GPRO certified and sits on the WELL Nutrition Advisory Board, 2022 & 2021