Toyota Distribution Center

Goal LEED Gold, Carbon Neutral, Tri-generation, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Plant

This innovative 166,500 square foot facility includes three structures dedicated to processing over 200,000 auto imports annually at the Port of Long Beach. The structures will house Toyota’s administrative areas, as well as the Vehicle Distribution Center. This processing facility will also house employee breakrooms, an authorization area, parts receiving center, offices, conference room, nurse station and restrooms. A two-lane car wash will reuse water on-site.

SIZE: 166,500 SF

SUSTAINABILITY: Goal LEED Gold, Carbon Neutral, Tri-generation, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Plant

MARKET SECTOR: Industrial & Manufacturing, Corporate, Ports & Harbors

LOCATION: The Port of Long Beach, CA, USA

The 120-plus acre site will also include a FuelCell that will deliver all of the building’s electrical requirements from renewable sources. The FuelCell will also create hydrogen to power both Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell car and short-haul tractor trailer. It will be the world’s first megawatt-scale carbonate fuel cell power generation plant with a hydrogen fueling station.

This Project worked with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to receive clarification and reinforcement that the use of directed biogas is permissible under the Bioenergy Market Adjusting Tariff (BioMAT) program. This is a feed-in tariff program, which allows eligible plants to sell power to one of the state’s three investor-owned utilities at a fixed price, providing for the use of biogas in-state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve overall air quality. The FuelCell Energy Plant will produce electricity, hydrogen and water from directed biogas, part of which will be used to power local operations, fuel a new fleet of hydrogen cars and trucks and rinse off vehicles at the on-site car wash. This impact goes beyond the building and enables the Port of Long Beach to achieve air quality compliance.

California is leading in the way in United States by establishing hydrogen generation and fueling infrastructure. In addition to supporting Toyota’s local operations, the hydrogen produced by our fuel cell will be used to power zero-emission fuel cell trucks and consumer vehicles, paving the way for the replacement of high-emission diesel trucks with hydrogen-powered trucks on a larger scale that will cleanly move products around the world.

Jason Few, President & CEO, FuelCell Energy

Project Photos

Photos courtesy of Lionakis and PS2 Inc.