IWBI’s Enterprise Provider page discusses how ASAP’s work with T-Mobile supports their WELL at Scale goals

Buildings and neighborhoods are platforms to protect and enhance our environment, achieve economic prosperity, and ensure equity, health and well-being for all. The focus of the San Diego Green Building Conference and Expo is to showcase how the built environment can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. Our mission has always been to inspire, educate and collaborate within our community and we know San Diego is actively contributing to creating a more resilient and sustainable world.

The climate change is affecting us here and now; wildfires, eroding coastlines, catastrophic weather patterns and alarming rates in the rise of CO2 levels and we recognize that our built environment has a large footprint, impacting not only the surrounding environments and communities but the occupants within. As the premier institution for green building resources and education in San Diego, we see an opportunity to bring our community together to inspire real action and ensure positive impact for generations to come.

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T-Mobile Corporate Owned Portfolio

T-Mobile Retail Portfolio

WELL Portfolio, WELL Health-Safety Rating, Retail

July 1, 2021 – T-Mobile US, Inc. is the first wireless provider to earn the WELL Health-Safety Seal. It achieved the rating for the measures it has undertaken at more than 3,200 retail stores, 22 customer experience centers and its Bellevue and Kansas City headquarters — locations that cover a total of nearly 16 million square feet! Starting now, customers and employees can look for the WELL Health-Safety seal at the entrance of most T-Mobile locations. 

Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic and the ASAP team helped T-Mobile earn the rating and associated seal after validating the company’s policies for keeping spaces sanitized and air-filtrated, communicating health and safety efforts, helping employees and customers prepare for possible emergencies and providing essential wellness services such as additional sick leave and vaccines. The Un-carrier also received an innovation credit for being the first wireless provider to make the 988-emergency lifeline immediately available to customers across the country for critical mental health support services. 

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SIZE: 7,982,523 SF  in 3,394 stores


SECTOR: Retail

PROJECT TYPE: WELL Health-Safety Rating    


T-Mobile is leading the pack as the first wireless provider to earn the WELL Health-Safety rating by rapidly implementing innovative cleaning and sanitization policies, emergency preparedness programs and health resources such as access to mental health and vaccine services, and their efforts are paving the way toward a healthy, resilient recovery for all.

IWBI president and CEO Rachel Hodgdon

Since the very early days of the pandemic, T-Mobile has been focused on doing everything we can to ensure our customers and employees feel healthy and supported when they step into any of our spaces, and this WELL Health-Safety rating reflects our immense dedication to those efforts.

Darcey Estes, Vice President of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities at T-Mobile

Starbucks Portfolio

Starbucks Portfolio

LEED Volume, LEED Certifications, Retail

In 2008, Starbucks made the commitment to build all new company owned stores worldwide to LEED certification standards by opting into the pilot versions of LEED for Retail (CI/NC) and Volume Build. As the program’s primary author, John Harrison led his internal team at Starbucks to build a unique LEED Volume certification system based on solutions to individual credit and prerequisite requirements. This approach allowed for certification of stores not based on an exact prototype. Using this method enabled international adaptations to documentation and processes, allowing Starbucks to have the maximum sustainable impact across its portfolio.


SIZE: 50 million+ SF globally, 30,000+ stores in over 75 countries, 1,600+ LEED certifications (2.9 million SF)


SECTOR: Retail

PROJECT TYPE: New Construction (BD+C), Interior Construction (ID+C)

LOCATION: 22 countries/territories — Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, All 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia

John and his team at Starbucks provided technical support, quality control oversight and status tracking for the hundreds of individuals who designed, built and commissioned stores globally. John’s leadership, together with the contributions of thousands of design and construction industry professionals worldwide, have made the Starbucks LEED for Retail Volume Build program the most successful green building program of its kind in the world. As a result, millions of customers and Starbucks store partners experience a healthier and more inviting space every day, while the company and the global environment benefit from energy and water savings at unprecedented scales.

Every time you order a Starbucks, you cast a vote for the powerful impact the retail environment can have on our efforts to mitigate climate change and improve the quality of life for all of us.

Rick Redrizzi, Chairman, International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)

As the primary author of the Starbucks LEED for Retail Volume Build program, undoubtedly the most successful green building program of its kind in the world, John took an iconic brand and leveraged its recognition to certify over 1,600 stores in 22 countries/U.S. territories across 4 continents and in all 50 US states.

Mahesh Ramanujam, President & CEO, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)


  • 2010 Environmental Leadership A.E.R. – Sustainable Design Awards Starbucks Paris Disney l Paris, France
  • 2010 Global Green Design USA – Sustainable Design Awards Starbucks LEED for Retail Volume Build Program
  • 2011 AIA Seattle – Honor Award, Commendation Starbucks Ohori Park l Fukuoka, Japan
  • 2012 AIA Seattle – Honor Awards, Award of Merit Starbucks Reclamation Drive Thru l Tukwila, WA
  • 2012 Architectural Record – Good Design is Good Business Awards Starbucks Ohori Park l Fukuoka, Japan Starbucks Reclamation Drive Thru l Tukwila, WA
  • 2013 The European Centre for Architecture Art & Design/Chicago Athenaeum – Green Good Design Award for Architecture, European Traveling Exposition Starbucks Ohori Park l Fukuoka, Japan Starbucks Reclamation Drive Thru l Tukwila, WA
  • 2015 Historic Seattle – Best Adaptive Reuse Award Seattle Roastery and Tasting Room l Seattle, WA
  • 2016 The European Centre for Architecture Art & Design/Chicago Athenaeum – Green Good Design Award for Architecture Seattle Roastery and Tasting Room l Seattle, WA
  • 2016 USGBC Los Angeles Chapter – Sustainable Innovation Award Starbucks Highland and Willoughby l Los Angeles, CA
  • 2016 Los Angeles Conservancy – Historic Preservation Award Starbucks Highland and Willoughby l Los Angeles, CA

Portfolio Projects

Photos courtesy of Starbucks

One Paseo

One Paseo

WELL Platinum

One Paseo is a deeper notion of mixed use. Centrally located in Del Mar, California, the campus offers 286,000 SF of Class-A office, including 96,000 SF of retail (over 40 shops).  The residential portion has 608 apartments in two buildings — one of which is six stories high and one that is four stories.  

Built on a 23-acre site, One Paseo is what Kilroy describes as a farmhouse style with pathways that meander through the project, linking the retail portion to the two office buildings and the apartments. 

Amenities in the residential area of One Paseo include a pool, a 6,000 square-foot, two-story fitness center, a lounge with booths for studying or working and a “collision space” where tenants can engage with one another and strike up conversations.

SIZE: ~1,100,000 SF  


SECTOR: Office, Mixed Use, Residential 

PROJECT TYPE: Development 

LOCATION: San Diego, CA, USA   

One Paseo is more than a convenient lifestyle. It is an attitude. A spirit of community that, even if you don’t live or work here, invites you to meet up, hang out and join in. From the moment you arrive and easily park your car, you know One Paseo is different. Everything about the place is just…easy. Laid back. User-friendly. Family-friendly. At One Paseo, you can come as you are. It’s stylish but not tragically hip. Cool, but in a warm, welcoming sort of way. And just being here makes a good day better.

Read more at https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/retail-part-of-one-paseo-carmel-valley-fully-leased-apartments-offices-shops/2102542/

The unique thing was we had approximately 60 people prelease with us without ever having seen the project. They basically did it off renderings. That was something I was pleasantly surprised with

Jay Rey-Hipolito, Kilroy Realty’s Vice President of Residential Development

Especially for companies that have high value employees; you want coffee, you want to go to a workout, you want to meet someone after work for dinner — it’s all right there

Nelson Ackerly, Senior Vice President of Kilroy Realty

Project Photos

One Paseo 4
One Paseo 5
One Paseo 3
One Paseo 2

Photos courtesy of Kilroy Realty

Allsteel Showroom- Boston

Allsteel Showroom- Boston


Allsteel Inc., a leading office furniture manufacturer, proudly announces that its Boston showroom at 200 State Street, Suite 400 has achieved WELL Certified™ Gold in the Retail Pilot Program. Designed by Charlie Greene Studio of Chicago, IL, the 12,420-square-foot showroom meets WELL performance standards in multiple categories.

The Boston showroom showcases a distinctive space, aligning their design impact with the local market in both literal and subtle ways. Views of Boston Harbor inspired design elements that evoke buoyancy, including clustered pendant lighting and ombre graphics. The finish selection and accessories reflect an East Coast sensibility with maritime-inspired details.

SIZE: 12,420 SF


SECTOR: Retail

PROJECT TYPE: Retail Pilot


Technology to support collaboration and knowledge sharing is integrated into the design, and applied WELL Building Standard recommendations such as designated eating areas, access to daylight, concrete floors and purposefully placed area rugs ensure the space supports human health and well-being.

Read more at https://www.allsteeloffice.com/where-to-buy/find-us/showrooms/boston

The Allsteel Boston showroom is one of five spaces in Boston that has achieved WELL Gold certification

Courtney Moline, Sustainability Manager at Allsteel

Project Photos


Photos courtesy of Charlie Greene Studio

Allsteel Showroom – Los Angeles

Allsteel Showroom - Los Angeles


Allsteel’s new downtown Los Angeles Resource Center achieved WELL Certified™ Gold in the Retail Pilot Program. The 10,222 square foot showroom set goals to enhance indoor air quality; provide access to water, natural light, and healthy foods; promote fitness, comfort, and mindfulness; and serve as an example of design initiatives that can foster wellness. 

Designed for flexibility, the Los Angeles showroom features acoustical clouds and a power and data grid to support changing furniture and technology solutions. Wellness-focused elements include a calming materials palette and a high-performance all-day cafe. Ample access to daylight is accompanied by dramatic 34th-floor views of the hills and downtown Los Angeles.


SIZE: 10,222 SF  


SECTOR: Retail

PROJECT TYPE: Retail Pilot

LOCATION: Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA 

Here is what they did:

  • Almost all of Allsteel’s products are Indoor Advantage Gold certified, including their Beyond glass and solid wall systems, which meets the VOC requirements for furniture in WELL.
  • Regular cleaning is performed in the space with green cleaners and equipment that meet WELL’s requirements to help maintain a clean indoor environment. By using green cleaners and equipment, we’re making sure we don’t introduce chemicals that could adversely impact our indoor air quality.
  • Nearly every spot in the showroom provides access to natural light and outdoor views. An open-plan space promotes access to natural light and helps show off the expansive views of downtown Los Angeles. Lower-height panels and glass walls in conference rooms were incorporated into the design to help ensure views were unobstructed.
  • The café area was designed to be an inviting location for people to come together and eat, gather for a meeting, or sit and enjoy the views of downtown LA.
  • The LA showroom is located in the City National Plaza, which has a Walk Score of 99 (out of 100), meaning that it is located in a “Walker’s Paradise,” and that daily errands from this spot do not require a car. It also has a Transit Score of 100, meaning that there are a variety of public transit options to support getting people to the space.
  • Three sides of the Allsteel showroom are exterior walls with large windows. The windows provide natural light, views of the outdoors, and additional warmth, when the sun is shining through.

Read more at https://www.allsteeloffice.com/where-to-buy/find-us/showrooms/los-angeles

Allsteel’s Los Angeles showroom was the first project in the world to achieve WELL Certified Gold in the Retail Pilot program. Efforts are currently underway for WELL certification of the Chicago showroom as Allsteel continues to support the health and wellbeing of its employees and customers

Courtney Moline, Sustainability Manager at Allsteel

Project Photos

Environment_SR_Los Angeles_2
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_3
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_7
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_8
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_9
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_10
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_11
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_12
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_4.2
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_5
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_13
Environment_SR_Los Angeles_14

Photos courtesy of Allsteel